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WILL Releases Information For 2021 Season

Updated: Apr 27

The Wiff is Life League has announced information for the 2021 season. The medium pitch league format will return for this year.

The league will take place on Monday nights throughout the summer. Opening Day is slated for June 7th and the league will run for four weeks, followed by playoffs. After a week break honoring Independence Day, playoffs will begin on July 12 and are scheduled to conclude on July 26.

Team registration is OPEN and will stay open for four weeks, closing May 24. Teams can consist of 3-6 players. The registration fee will be $125 per TEAM. Uniforms will be provided to each team. There will be a prize pool for the playoffs.


The league will follow medium pitch rules and utilize the official Wiffle Ball and Yellow Bat. The full rule book can be viewed here.

- Notable changes include; pitchers circle instead of whole baseline, a foul ball arc, and 5 balls equals a walk now instead of 6.

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